The licensed material used in “What you MUST know about the future!

20 Nov

A lot of the pictures I´ve used in What you MUST know about the future are in the public domain, and so is all the real-footage I´ve used (which isn´t much). And a lot of pictures have a Creative Commons licence. You can find links to all the different pictures with CC-license I have used here:


Thank you very much to all of the people who have released your work into the public domain, or given it a CC-licence!

I believe that my use of book- and film-covers, as well as a screen-shot from IBMs Watson´s participation in Jeopardy, as qualifying very clearly as being fair use:

The graphs with exponential y-axis were produced by Ray Kurzweil and his team. His book can be bought here:

The animation of a nanofactory, as well as the digitally produced image portraying a nanofactory, were produced by Lizard Fire Studios (John Burch):, and funded by a challenge-grant from nanorex.


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